Dosbarth Celyn

Welcome to Celyn class! We are a Year 4, 5 and 6 class. 

Our Teacher is Mrs Burke-Williams and we receive support from our Teaching Assistant Mrs Jones in the mornings. 

Our Autumn term topic is ‘Wales and my Identity’ where we have been thinking deeply about the concept of what makes us who we are, through our RVE element ‘identity and belonging’ and Philosophy for Children. We have also reflected on our ‘Cynefin’ and how this helps to shape our sense of identity and belonging. In LLC, we will be writing persuasive news editorials, and instruction texts. Within this topic, we will complete lots of other exciting work, such as: creating our own inventions to benefit Wales, designing our own websites on Wales, map work and grid references and Science investigations! In Expressive Arts, we will create our own pieces of Music to reflect who we are, and look at a variety of Welsh artists, form opinions and create our own pieces of art. We will also be learning to describe ‘all about me’ in both Welsh and French. Our class Novel this term is ‘The Secret Dragon’, set in Wales.

Our Spring topic is ‘All Around the World’. In LLC, we will be writing journey stories and biographies. In RVE, we will be looking at the natural world and living things as well as looking at ‘creation’ and how the world was created. We will look at both religious and non-religious views. We will also be looking at healthy balanced diets, and designing, preparing and evaluating our own nutritious meals, as well as looking at food from around the world. We will also analyse how landmass has changed over time and how continents have formed, tectonic plates, how physical distinctive features have formed. Our class novel will be ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. Therefore, our Expressive Arts Charanga Music module of ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ will link with this. 

Our Summer topic will be ‘Dreams and Goals’. In LLC, we will be writing adventure stories and innovating creative pieces of writing. The children will work on their Entreprenurial skills within this topic and will take part in a ‘money sense’ workshop, leading them to create and design their own birthday parties with a budget! They will also complete their own independent research into their dream job or career. Or, if they are not sure what this is yet, they’ll have to opportunity to look into some career opportunities. The children will look at the importance of keeping our mind healthy as well as our bodies. 

For Maths and Numeracy, we follow the INSPIRE Maths scheme and each child works at the appropriate level for them. 

The children also receive weekly Dragon Sports P.E sessions through Arura Sports, and take part in the daily mile.