Eco Council

Welcome to our Eco Council page!

This year’s eco council are:

Chair – Gethyn (Y6)

Vice chair – Rhys (Y5)

Secretary – Georgia (Y5)

General council members – Del and Jacob (Y4), Efan and Layla (Y3), Harry. C, Callie and Nico (Y2), Oscar and Jaxon (Y1) and Mrs Dunn

After carrying out our annual review the council have come up with the following action plan for this year.

Our Eco-Schools Action Plan- 2023 – 2024

TargetActionWho’s ResponsibleCostTimescaleHow will we measure progress? (Monitoring)
To continue to reduce the amount of hand towels.Monitors for each class to keep an eye on how many towels people are using.Eco committee, Mrs Dunn and Mrs TandyNoneNovember to JuneMonitor how often we need to buy paper towels.
To grow fruit and vegetables in our school garden. Work together as a school to grow and look after the plants. Have a community day where people can come in to help. Whole schoolNoneMarch onwardsKeep a picture diary of our garden as it develops.
To encourage everyone to bring in healthy snacks.  Continue with the fruitEco committee and Mrs DunnUse the money collected each week to buy the fruit.November to the end of termWe will keep a record of how many children are using the tuck shop.
To save energyMonitors to check that equipment is turned off when not in use. Give out Golden lightbulb every Friday assembly to best class.Eco committeeNoneNovember onwardsEco committee to check meter readings with Mrs Tandy and keep a record.

We will share our progress regularly with the rest of the school through eco assemblies and on the eco board in the hall.