Our Mission Statement

“Respect, respond, be brave, rejoice!”

Our Aims:

At Ysgol yr Esgob, we aim to create the best conditions possible for every child to succeed by developing self-esteem, confidence and a true feeling of self-worth.

We offer a safe, caring, Christian environment where children flourish both academically and creatively, through a varied and stimulating curriculum. We offer a curriculum that is ambitious, creative, holistic, inspiring, enterprising, varied and engaging.  

We aim to nurture respect involving self, each other, belongings and the environment. 

We aim to develop healthy, confident individuals who build their mental and emotional wellbeing by forming positive relationships.  

We support staff, parents and carers, governors and our community to participate actively in the children’s’ learning and the life of the school.  

We develop skills and knowledge and aim to inspire a love of learning for both staff and pupils so they may develop as independent and collaborative lifelong learners.  

We give staff and pupils the opportunity to take measured risks, work as a team and share their learning and expertise within school and the wider community.  

Through strong links with those in our community, we aim to help children to appreciate the importance of their contribution, developing a sense of ethics and citizenship. 

We aim to develop understanding, compassion and respect for the needs and rights of others, as members of a diverse society.  

We aim to develop pride in our Welsh language, heritage and culture. 

We aim to help children recognise their roles and responsibilities in the care and sustainability of the environment and the wider world.